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Professional Drone Solutions provides solutions nationally to our clients in the construction/engineering, landscaping, property management, and commercial real estate sectors. With our unique, built-in-house software products and our nationwide service footprint, Professional Drone Solutions provides custom, on-demand products that solve real world problems with a focus on ease of use and value for money. 

We pride ourselves on being responsive, courteous, and legal. We always follow the applicable regulations  and this reputation has allowed us to receive federal waivers at airports across the USA. This allows us to serve our clients regardless of where their site may be. 

Drone Inspections you can understand

Our company was started to take people out of dangerous inspection situations. With over 10 years in the construction industry, our company has extensive experience inspecting roofing, windows, caulk joints, inaccessible doors, flashing, and commercial HVAC. 

Many drone companies provide inspections, but on Professional Drone Solutions makes it easy to understand where you are looking on a roof.

With our revolutionary, in-house built, easy-to-use software, we have allowed hundreds of home-owners and contractors to have contextual data with their high resolution inspection photography.

With hundreds of hours spent in inspection mission profiles, you can be assured our company is the best drone company in Jacksonville when it comes to drone roofing inspections. 

Landscape Viewer

Large projects in the lawn care and landscaping industry provide unique challenges to companies. Our proprietary Landscape Viewer solution streamlines project management, increases customer satisfaction, decreases disputes, and provides clients with a streamlined process for viewing entire sites in minutes, not days. 

landscape management using drones

Hoa and Property Management Drone services and software

In Jacksonville’s suburbs, there are hundreds of thousands of residents living in communities. Many of these communities struggle to reliably enforce bylaws and covenants. 

Professional Drone Solutions set out to create an affordable, easy-to-use, and complete solution for property managers and HOA board members looking to ensure compliance and assist home owners with roofing inspections. 

Using drones to enforce bylaws results in a fairer process for homeowners while decreasing privacy issues that arise from compliance officers walking around resident’s homes. Our services and software provide an affordable, fair, and quick way to run compliance reports while also providing documentation in the event of catastrophic losses such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Our product works well for communities looking for the following:

  1. An easy and unbiased method to enforce regulations such as roof condition and lawn care.
  2. A solution to cut down on disputes with  contractors such as landscapers.
  3. A product that allows communities to have a record of all common areas to reduce conflict with insurance companies in case of a loss event. 
  4. Software that allows bob-the-golf-cart-guy to not have to drive around taking photos of resident’s homes, just to get yelled at for doing his job. 

If you are a community or manager looking to automate your compliance reporting, contact us below. 

Commercial Real Estate Drone Video with Maps

Our Commercial Real Estate Video products incorporate motion tracking, mapping, and multi-element information giving your clients the best view of their property. These cutting edge editing techniques paired with our nation wide team of drone experts enables potential buyers to see the entire value of a property. 

We take demographic and parcel data provided, as well as landmarks shown on maps and generate an interactive video that shows every value a property has to offer. 

drone construction progress photography in florida

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