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Construction Drone Photography

Show clients progress.

We live in a world where an item you order on your phone shows up on your doorstep in 24 hours. The problem for contractors is that buildings take a long time to build. Unlike certain online items, instead of 24 hours, it can take 24 months to complete a large scale project from breaking ground to punch-out.

Giving regular, consistent drone photography to clients helps them get the satisfaction of seeing movement, change, progress, and production happening. 

Inspection Photography

Manage Sites Effectively.

Not only do drone progress photos help your client see the change and movement on site, but executive management will easily be on the same page as superintendents and project managers, making the monthly site meeting that much more productive. 

Our services help our clients stay on time, on the same page, and on the good side of their clients. 

Construction Photography

Technology. Its more than a drone.

So you are convinced! You need drone photography on your project. Why choose Profession Drone Solutions?

Technology. We have invested hundreds of hours into custom build applications to help clients track progress throughout their job schedule. We have refined the software that we run on our drones to ensure repeatable, identical photos every progression period. 

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