Drones can help HOAs .

One persistent issue has always presented itself. Centralized and automated documentation for compliance, insurance, and contractor accountability. With our Community Viewer Solution, we bridge the data gap to provide easy to understand drone scanning and mapping services that help communities in four major ways.

  1. Centralized and Fair Compliance – our reports make it easy to see what homes are in compliance. Because all homes are recorded and stored, it is fair and equitable. Its also more conducive of privacy than having compliance officers walk other peoples properties.
  2. Insurance Conditions – our software allows communities to document the condition of properties to reduce disputes during insurance claims.
  3. Contractor accountability – from roofers to landscapers, sometimes a project doesn’t go as planned. Our software documents the conditions of a community to show what changed… or what didn’t.
  4. Data retention – Property management has high turnover. This can lead to difficulty retaining or finding data a recently departed employee was in charge of. With our software, the data is held and you always know who to call to find it.

Compliance made simple


Our mapping software shows our customers their entire community in one high resolution map. 


Finding properties and homes that are breaking by laws is as easy as looking on the map.


Once you find an offending property, click on it. The nearest known address will appear, and it is as easy as that!

Common area Analysis

Curious what your roads, sidewalks, parks, and other common areas look like as time goes on? Our yearly map updates provide the data you need to analyze the wear of your common areas. Our data is higher resolution than other mapping providers such as Google, and comes packed with features specifically designed to help HOAs. 

Better yet, the historical data means fewer disputes with homeowners and insurance companies!

Our Data

Google's Data

Hold your contractors accountable

Whether our clients are condo associations or private residents, we help bridge the gap between roofers and purchasers. Ultimately this means you as the purchaser can be confident that a job was completed correctly.

We specialize in helping contractors and project owners document important stages of reroofs. From progress shots looking for problematic work on hard to see areas like underlayment to finishing shots looking for final fit and finish as well as jobsite clean up, we know what needs to be done.  

The best part? Communities in our mapping program get up to 30% off roofing inspections!

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