How Drone Services Add Value To A Construction Company
Professional Drone Solutions utilizes its skills and experience in the construction industry to provide our clients with drone services such as this progress photo of a Naples construction site.

How Drone Services Add Value To A Construction Company

Drone Photography and how it helps contractors

Drones in construction have more than shaken up the industry in recent years. Across all industries with use cases as far reaching as police surveillance to monitoring atmospheric conditions, drones have made many jobs easier, less hostile, and more accurate. Jobs in the construction are no different.

Drones in Construction provide Convenience

Convenience is hard to beat! A 15 minute drone flight of a construction site can produce as much data as a half day walk-through of the project area. Not to mention drone data is a more reliable, cleaner, clearer, and easier to access. Drone construction photos and data are priceless to companies as they allow specialists to do more. Thanks to drone services you can process measurements, obtain visual data, and map specific areas with GPS in a few minutes instead of days. The software holds all that data makes it easily accessible for anyone to peruse. No longer do you need a degree to decipher the data and imagine what it would look like in your head. Just pull up the photos or 3D model generated from the past flight on your phone and you’re good to go.

Drone Services And construction insurance

Thanks to drone services it’s easier than ever to receive accurate project updates at regular intervals. And if you ever need to reference something from the past, you can easily look up the pictures from a previous flight to inspect. Accountability takes on a new definition when you have a set of eyes in the sky overseeing everything on your worksite. It’s a form of insurance should anything go wrong on your project; you can shuffle back through updates to find precisely when things went wrong.

Technology is everywhere

Drone services are nothing new. In fact drones have been around for a while now. If your construction company isn’t using drones, it’s safe to say you’re operating in the past at this point. Due to the cheap entry price and ease of use, there really is no reason construction companies shouldn’t be using drone technology. When your competition can offer their clients 3D maps, topographical data, and regular aerial photos of project updates and you can’t, then you may want to join the rest of us in the 21st century. In doing so, you’re not just updating your company, you’re updating your clientele as well. Your customers and clients will only be pleased to view maps of your progress on their phone or see a recent video fly over of the work site.

Our Experience Is Your Convenience

If you’ve been shuffling your feet when it comes to drone services and drone technology, let us help you embrace the new technology. We have years of experience with UAVs and the construction industry, and we would be more than happy to apply them to your next project. From small time to city-sized projects, our skills can keep up with the demand. Contact us today!

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