Drones Help Landscaping Companies .

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Progress over time

Providing landscaping services to HOAs and Commercial properties can be challenging. Being able to show changes over time helps show clients what is changing in their communities. Having factual documentation reduces client conflict.

View entire communities

Our drone based landscape management tool starts with complete documentation of the entire project in one image. This makes the process of viewing projects extremely natural. How long would it take you to walk the whole property or an inspection?

automated landscaping management reports

Generate automated reports

Generate reports with one click, making project management a breeze. Identifying issues early and proactively solving problems saves relationships with clients. The best part? We built intelligent features into our pdf reports. Click the GPS coordinates to open your devices mapping app and walk right up to the problem area! 

Landscape Management Using Drones

Our solution starts with monthly drone fly-overs. Our company arranges everything for you. We schedule the pilot, we process the data, and you get your map delivered right to your inbox. 

Our pilot comes out once a month to fly over the community or property. This means your team doesn’t have to deal with insurance, aircraft maintenance, airspace, or liability. 

From there our processing team takes the raw data and processes it using state-of-the-art software and custom-built computers. We put in all the time to learn the process so you don’t have to. With our specialized hardware, we turn around the average project in 2 days

With the your project’s raw data now processed. Your team gets a map deliverable simliar to popular mapping apps like Google Maps, but wiht up to 10x the resolution. We upload it to our servers for your team to view, analyze, and annotate.Don’t worry though, this doesn’t take long. An entire 100 acre community can be analyzed and annotated in less than two hours. A huge time savings over trying to manually walk the whole property. 

Depending on which package you select, we hold historical data for up to 12 months. PDFs generated from our software can be saved forever on your computer. If longer term storage is needed, options are available for saving 9 months of data and yearly snapshots of the last 3 years. 

Our Data

Google's Data

How Drones Help Landscapers

Landscaping companies have long faced struggles with client acquisition, project management and transparency, client retention, and executive oversight. Professional Drone Solutions has developed Landscape Viewer to solve these issues. 

  1. Client Acquisition – our reports make it easy to see what homes are in compliance. Because all homes are recorded and stored, it is fair and equitable. Its also more conducive of privacy than having compliance officers walk other peoples properties.
  2. Project Management – Using Landscape Viewer, project managers see their entire site at least once a month. With our interface they are able to easily make annotations and generate reports to rapidly and proactively solve clients problems. Having the entire site documented helps conflicts get resolved based on factual reporting. Clients can view their historical data and easily see when, where, and potentially why certain areas are having problems.
  3. Customer Retention – The ability to proactively identify issues, readily coach and train employees, and increased oversight allows teams to meet the needs of their clients before issues occur. This change leads to a shift in how clients are served. The factual presentation of data doesn’t just allow you to better manage your projects, but also track progress on areas that are causing conflict between client and customer. 
  4. Executive Oversight – Before Landscape Viewer, any executive oversight included lengthy travel, a day on site, calls ahead to HOA management, all just to walk around part of a community. Executives rarely got to see the entire project. With Landscape Viewer, this all changed. With our software executives can effectively and efficiently coach their management remotely, with easy visual access to entire projects. Executives can view multiple sites a day, ensuring quality standards are upheld. This allows your best project managers to do more work in less time with less stress, allowing landscaping companies to retain, train, and utilize employees much more efficiently.

Landscape Viewer Cost


$3 $2 / Door / Month
  • 33% discount for first 6 months
  • 3 Months of History
  • 5x Resolution of Google Maps
  • Report Generation Tools
  • Web Interface
  • Golf Courses $4/acre


$5 $3.3 / Door / Month
  • 33% discount for first 6 months
  • 12 Months of History
  • 10x Resolution of Google Maps
  • Report Generation Tools
  • Web Interface
  • Golf Courses $6/acre

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