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Drone Inspection Photo

Data prevents arguments.

one of the most common reasons we get called out to a clients home or project is to get data to prevent arguments. With the level of detail and resolution drone photography provides, arguments go from “he-said she-said” to “here are the facts.” Not only does this provide a better experience for customers, it also builds trust and protects you from litigation. 

drone flies over roofing for inspection

High Quality Resolution to see Details.

Drone inspections that don’t definitively answer your questions don’t help you. Our goal is simple: keep people out of harm. Our high resolution photos help our clients keep their employees off roofs, out of boom lifts, off ladders, and ends the need to rent a lift to inspect elevation issues. 

Screenshot of our roofing inspection tool

Technology. Its more than a drone.

On our average inspection site, we take 25-100 photos, ensuring total coverage of any potential issues. However, this results in a unique issue. With all those photos, sorting and understanding them becomes difficult. Our in house development team works hard to create customized software that enables your team to fully understand the data!

We have spent hundreds of hours inspecting buildings and discovering the best flight paths to cover all our clients concerns. We excel in close-to-building-envelope flights that get you the data you need!

We have various platforms from our standard platform to our specialty platforms such as our drones with thermal, zoom, and high precision location features. 

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These are just samples, for our clients privacy, the full inspection set is not shown. 

Types of Inspections.

Where are drones an effective tool for inspection?

Construction Roofing Inspection Photography

Residential Roofing

Whether you are a roofing contractor looking to have independent evidence of a job well done or a homeowner looking to verify the work of a hired contractor, drone roofing inspections are an amazing tool.

We also provide inspections for soffit, gutters, stucco and elevations, as well as hard to access windows and doors.

After Irma, Professional Drone Solutions was vital in assisting homeowners in understanding the condition of their roofs. 

Drone High Rise Inspection

High Rise Buildings

Are you a contractor or a building manager working on a high rise? We have a number of inspection packages covering everything from caulk joints to post tension patch inspections. 

We have experience flying in the difficult no-gps zones around high-rises and we have specialized equipment that allows us to get all the details. 

With our technologies and processes, you can be sure you will not miss any details and with drone building inspections, you avoid the costly expense, intrusion, time, and risk of having someone rappel a building to look for defects you aren’t even sure are there. 

Home Inspection

Multi-Family Residential

Multi-family, multi-story residential buildings are commonly inspected for damages. Using a drone inspection service allows building managers and contractors to understand the condition of the roof.

Not only that, but multi-story multi-family units under construction can benefit greatly from routine inspections included in our aerial progress photography packages, helping clients and contractors stay on the same page.

Construction Marketing Photography with Drones

Heavy Industry

From power lines to cranes to giant silos and steam stacks, drone inspections can take your employees out of harms way and more thoroughly document the condition of your large assets. 

Professional Drone Solutions has many years of experience flying silos, power lines, steam turbines, cranes, solar farms, and other large heavy industry assets.

Our inspection process caters specifically to our clients and our technologies help the data flow freely and easily throughout your organization.

Behind the Scenes

Read our blog posts to understand what we do and why!

Behind the Scenes

Read our blog posts to understand what we do and why!