5 Tips for Finding the Best Drone Photography Company in Labelle
This photo shows a drone photograph of the Clewiston Sugar Factory in Clewiston, Florida.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Drone Photography Company in Labelle

Five Tips for Finding the Best Labelle, Florida Drone Photography Company

Drone photography can take photos to the next level. Whether you need a Labelle drone photography company to take photos of your real estate properties, need videography done for a wedding, or need marketing photos that set your business apart from all of the others, you can benefit from the work of a Labelle drone photography company.

So you’ve decided you want to hire a Labelle drone photography company, but where do you start? The good news is we are here to help make your decision easier!

Here are the five things we recommend looking for when in the search of a drone photography company in Labelle.

1. Make sure they are FAA Certified

All drone pilots who operate for commercial purposes (to make money) must be certified by the FAA. This is meant to protect you as the consumer and the pilot too. You can ask to see his Remote Pilot Certificate. When the pilot has the certificate, this is what verifies they are professionals and highly trained pilots that you can trust with your project. 

Don’t use a drone company with a drone pilot who cannot produce a Remote Pilot Certificate. Without this certification, both the drone pilot and yourself can be charged large fines. We know you don’t want to lose any money!

2. A Good Reputation

There are a few ways you can check to make sure the drone photography company you choose has a good reputation in Labelle. You can do a quick internet search with the company’s name and most companies will have customer reviews come up in the results. This is a simple way to gauge the reputation of the company.

Another way you can find a reputable company is to ask for referrals. If you see drone photography that you are impressed with, ask the business or person who has shared these photos which company they used. Ask about their experience with the drone photography business and if they would recommend them.

3. Ask For Sample Photos

If you want to know what you can expect, ask the Labelle drone photography business for examples of their work that is similar to what you are needing to be done. For instance, if you are a commercial real estate realtor, ask to see drone photography they have completed on commercial properties. If you want drone photography services for your wedding, ask to see the wedding projects they have completed. Make sure that the company’s work meets your expectations for quality and style.

labelle florida drone photography
labelle florida drone photography

4. Inquire What Services They Provide

Ensure that the company offers all of the drone services that are needed for the project. Determine if drone photography is all that’s needed or if drone videography is needed also. While most drones can take photos and videos, it’s always a good idea to verify with the company.

There are a variety of drones on the market and the quality varies too. While taking a look at a company’s portfolio will ensure the results are as expected, it’s a good idea to make sure that the drone company’s equipment can handle the project and that the pilot is skilled enough for the environment and potential weather conditions at the location.

5. Remember to Ask For Certificate of Insurance (COI)

If the unthinkable were to happen and someone were to be injured or the pilot’s drone equipment somehow gets damaged, you will be happy that you asked to see the pilot’s certificate of insurance, which proves he or she is insured. You can even ask to be added as an additional insured on their policy for your project. This will help you avoid litigation or possible disagreements about who should cover any unexpected expenses. Most importantly, this protects the drone photography company, the pilot, as well as yourself as the consumer.

Wrapping it up

In short, these are the five things that we think are most important when choosing a drone photography company. Once you’ve verified all of these things, you can rest assured that you will have a positive experience with a reputable company. If you need any services whether it be photography, video, construction, marketing, or real estate related, feel free to contact us or check out our company’s drone based services.

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