How much does Drone Photography cost?
Drone Photography of Port Royal, Naples, FL.

How much does Drone Photography cost?

What does drone photography cost?

Lets start by agreeing that in every industry, including the drone photography industry, pricing can vary heavily. The variation in pricing is typically tied to a number of value-add factors such as the size of the company, the processes in place to ensure consistency, communication protocols and tools, and the equipment the company uses. Ultimately, all of these factors contribute to the perceived  quality of a company providing a service.

TL:DR- Drone photography pricing can vary from $50/hr to $500/hr.

What makes up drone photography pricing?

As a drone photography leader in the state of Florida, our company doesn’t pull pricing numbers out of thin air. At Professional Drone Solutions we started with the product we wanted to offer, built our processes out, priced those processes, added our margin, and got our final costs. At Professional Drone Solutions, depending on your exact scope of work and final product package, you can expect an hourly rate between $175-300/hr.

Why don’t we cost $50-100/hr? Sole proprietors make up the bulk of the service providers in that price range. While we never disparage people looking to make better lives for themselves, our clients see large benefits of using a company for their drone work versus a singular pilot.

Our standards have always been high at Professional Drone Solutions. Your company can expect the following when using Professional Drone Solutions:

  • Prompt communication. We aim to respond within 24 hours or less to inquiries.
  • Standardized products across the state of Florida.
  • Innovation. We aren’t talking about using drones here. While drones are a massive innovation, the ability to develop software to leverage the data collected is truly the future of drone innovation.
  • Protocol. Our company has protocols and procedures our employees follow to ensure quality is met on every job, every time. 
  • Multiple pilots and capacity. Early on, we used to get calls from clients that tried to use another pilot but they were booked for the next 2-4 weeks. Weather permitting, we schedule jobs 2-4 days out. 
  • Equipment. We use the newest drones with the latest drone photography editing software. This ensures a high quality product is always delivered. 

What is the ROI for Our Customers?

The plus side is drone photography deployed effectively actually creates a positive net result. This is similar to other tools in business. In various industries this can look different.

Drone Photography ROI in Real Estate

For example, in real estate, drone photos and video that really stand out can gain as much as 68% more traffic. This increases the likelihood of selling a house significantly. With our video packages starting at $350, the ROI of selling even a $300,000 home is plain to see. 

drone photography for real estate

Drone Photography ROI in Construction

For the construction industry, our progress photography packages start around $200 per month. Our clients have leveraged this service to show their clients progress, increasing customer satisfaction, referrals, and mitigating miscommunication. They have also used it to track assets and inventory, monitor progress against timelines, and keep management teams on the same page.

drone photography for construction companies

Drone Photography ROI for Inspections – Engineering, Construction, and Heavy Industry

Our final example relates to inspections. For inspection photography, using drones reduces the chance of injury, reduces equipment costs, and provides flexibility to a mission. Imagine not needing to rent that JLG lift to inspect the side of a building. Imagine not needing to send a worker on a roof, risking a deadly fall or broken tiles. These are major benefits the drone industry offers our clients.

hi rise drone inspection photography

Wrapping it up

Drone photography pricing can vary wildly. If you are looking to get pricing for a specific project or scope of work, whether it be photography, video, construction, marketing, or real estate related, feel free to contact us or check out our company’s drone based services.

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