Job Update: Founders Square Progress Photos Naples Florida
The construction site at Founders Square in Naples Florida shows progress as of Dec 2020. Professional Drone Solutions has shot progress photos on this job since the job began.

Job Update: Founders Square Progress Photos Naples Florida

Job Update: Founders Square Naples Florida

Founder Square is a 55+ acre mixed use development project in Naples Florida. The project has prime frontage on Immokalee Road and County Road 951/Collier Blvd. When completed it will feature office, retail, residential, and storage use parcels. 

Professional Drone Solution's Work at Founders Square

Early in the project Professional Drone Solutions was contacted to provide progress photography for the life of the project. Our clients often use this service to manage their sites and provide context for key decision makers who operate remotely. We have clients that also use them for marketing and to validate work accomplished to investors or banks. 

Our shoot at Founders Square is a monthly recurring aerial photography shoot that shows the entirety of the site. We have completed nine missions at this site and we love seeing the progress the team makes every month.

Progress at The site

Since our first shoot in August 2020, Founders Square has made excellent progress. We have watched site work progress, asphalt get laid, and buildings start to go vertical. As progress continues, we expect to see more buildings “going vertical.” These buildings are set to be home to locally run restaurants such as Palumbo’s Pizza, Fuji – an Asian concept, and South Street Grill. Other retail clients like Luxury Nails and Spa are set to debut as well.

From the progress at the site, it appears that the walls of the 110,000 square foot storage facility have yet to go up. There are also plans for a 400 unit apartment complex that is still in the site work phase. 

Drone Services for contractors

Our company has over a decade of experience in construction photography and drones. We specialize in the application of drone technologies in the construction industry. If you are interested in using drones on your construction site you can request a quote here or contact us below for more information.

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