3 Tips for Making Drone Video Stand Out
Photograph of the Naples Pier in Naples Florida by Professional Drone Solutions

3 Tips for Making Drone Video Stand Out

Drone Video For Real Estate.

Make your Listings Pop

Most realtors have heard the stat that, according to TheClose.com, 73% of homeowners want to list with an agent that uses video. For many Realtors, aerial video is a daunting undertaking. Unlike drone photography, drone video comes in a huge range of price points with greatly varying levels of polish and refinement. What resolution do you need? What is the right length? What are the regulations in the area you are flying? These are just a handful of the many questions a Realtor might ask themselves. 

But if you want to efficiently vet a drone company for your aerial video, what are the most important traits to look for? We believe we have narrowed it down to three, and for the purposes of this list, we are speaking only about the company’s attitude toward the video itself. Hiring licensed and insured professionals with the proper FAA waivers for their airspace is the absolute top tip for every drone related job. We already wrote an article on why hiring licensed, insured, and FAA compliant pilots puts companies ahead in the long run, so we wont touch on that in this article. 

1. A Passion for different aerial video

The first tip I have for Realtors stems from one of the most common discussions I have as a director with our drone pilots.  How we capture something different? Marketing is all about standing out. It is about finding shots that captivate audiences, pulls them in, and softly sells them on the product.

For real estate, this means fewer shots of roofs and more shots from just above the head level. Drone shots that are different, fun, and dynamic. Shots that start over the water and rise up over a beachfront condo, ending with a view of the skyline. We want to see drone shots down a canal, moving rapidly from one end to the other, yawing [rotating] so that the home is in view the entire time.

This GIF is a low resolution clip of a drone video for real estate

2. Drone Video Edits that stun.

The second tip for realtors looking to hire a drone company for aerial video is to look at the company’s work for edits that stun. Finding a company with great editing technique is important for a number of reasons.

First, it shows a desire to be different (shout out to drone video tip number one!). Second, it shows the style of video they put out and if you like it, you are much more likely to enjoy the product your drone videographer delivers you. Third, well polished edits take time and care.

That is the whole reason you are hiring someone to get your drone video for you, right? You want someone who cares enough to take the time to learn the difficult parts of editing. The dynamic speed transitions, the color enhancements and corrections, the unique shots, a good drone company will take care of all of those for you.

Low resolution clip of Aerial Video of the Allegro in Naples Florida. Quality is significantly reduced for web optimization.

3. Finding the story.

The last, but probably one of the most important tip to make drone video stand out deals with story. In good drone video, there are two stories being balanced: the story of the property and the story of the realtor. 

The property’s story has to do with unique features and characteristics of the home. Is the property near water? How large is the lot? Was the roof recently cleaned, adding to the curb appeal? What neighborhood is it is? What amenities are there? Drone video can answer these questions in a very subtle way, without having to throw it in the face of your client. 

The Realtor’s story on the other hand, is primarily demonstrated in the branding, music choice, and sequencing of a video. Are you a Realtor that is targeting the younger crowd? Shorter, fast paced, contemporary edits are what you need. Do you specialize in Port Royal? Perhaps a more conservative, old school approach is needed. What colors do you use to represent your brand? What is your logo? These are all important details for your drone video team to keep in mind.

This shows the different ways a story can be told through the use of drone video. Notice all the information given to the viewer embedded in the video itself. 

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